Free therapy? How you can get counselling cheaply

Having weekly therapy or counselling can get expensive, but there are ways you can access free or low cost counselling in Abingdon and Oxford

Finding yourself in need of help at a time when you can’t afford to pay typical rates for private therapy is difficult. In Abingdon and Oxford, seeing a private therapist can cost more that £100 per session and if you’re doing that each week it soon becomes out of reach for many people.

Fortunately, if you want to access free or low cost therapy there are a few options to explore.

The first place most people turn is the NHS. You can see your GP, and in some cases they will refer you on to a local service. Some of these are excellent but be aware that there may be significant waiting lists for these services.

Another good place to try is local government supported charities. An example of this is MIND, who operate in lots of places, including in Oxfordshire . Sadly, with limited funding the services offered might be over the phone, self-guided and short-term. That can be great, but it might not lead to lasting change for everyone.

If you’re a student it’s well worth getting in touch with your school, college or university. Not everyone is comfortable approaching these institutions but they often offer some help to students who are struggling. Oxford Brookes university run a service, for example. The same goes for those who are employed. Sometimes employers offer Employee Assistance programs as part of their staff benefits package.

Don’t forget about self-help groups or community services. Some of these are Oxfordshire NHS providers, but these often deal with only more serious mental health issues for particularly vulnerable people. Other community services are offered by other organisations. The listening centre in Blackbird Leys provides a service for those on limited incomes. Oxfordshire Relate provide relationship counselling and Oxford Cruse provide bereavement counselling.

If you’re looking for long-term counseling or psychotherapy, I can offer a much reduced rate while I’m working towards full accreditation. I’ve been engaged in training for over 4 years and have helped lots of people in that time. Please do contact me if you’d like to learn more.

You can also look for other psychotherapists in training who may offer a reduced rate – look for someone with as much experience and training as possible. They ought to be registered with a recognised governing body this is normally the UKCP or BACP. You can try a search on the Free Psychotherapy Network.

Good luck!


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Ben Hill

Ben Hill

I offer mindfulness based psychotherapy in Abingdon and Oxford

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